What Do Wall-E and Injured Vets Have in Common? 

 Wall-EThe call was from someone who said he was from Pixar Studios. At first Brad Soden hung up, thinking it was a friend pulling a prank. But before long a film crew was putting a tomato box on Soden’s head and cutting out two holes for his eyes. As many as 100 cameras filmed him as he drove his Tankchair up and down hills and through trash. Every movement was filmed and catalogued to provide the model for Pixar’s animated Wall-E.

Today, seven years later, TC Mobility is retooling to provide Tankchairs to U.S. veterans. They have orders from the Independence Fund, a nonprofit that purchases the chairs and gives them to vets. Another organization, The NFL Hall of Famers, wants to purchase as many as 1,700 Tankchairs for vets, according to Soden. TC Mobility is now so busy manufacturing and meeting orders for vets that Soden has decided he must temporarily stop taking orders from private, non-vet parties.  — Featured on Track Vehicles: Open Up the Outdoors  Tim Gilmer | May 01, 2014

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