Our Tankchair has a one- piece steel or aluminum chassis that will give users a sense of stability that provides confidence when exploring uneven terrain. The chassis can be powder-coat painted to the customer’s specification or even chromed.The batteries consists of (2) 12 volt AGM batteries (258 Amp hours) that make a 24 volt system which can be accessed by a custom made skidding tray.The drive system has (2) motors which are 2hp continuous, spinning at 2,700 RPM, variable speed capable and a gear ratio of 25:1.

  • Tankchair Measurements – In Inches
  • Tankchair Seat Erect 46 ½“ wide – 56“ long – 55“ high
  • Tankchair Seat Reclined 46 ½“ wide – 64“ long – 38“ high
  • Tracks 12 ½“ wide – 42“ long
  • Seat 17” wide – 20“ long – 26“ high
  • Weight In Pounds Steel Chassis – 650 pounds
  • Aluminum Chassis – 450 pounds

Starting at $15,000


Basic Tankchair

Aluminum Frame
Tracks With Built-In Suspension
2 Horsepower Motors
Corbeau Racing Seat That Recline 90 Degrees
4 Point Harness
2 12V AGM Batteries At 258 Ah
15 AMP Onboard Battery Charger
PG Drives Joystick Controller
Grab Handle Opposite Controller
Two Gel Arm Rests

Numerous locations available for ram mounting of cell phone, notebook, fishing rod holder, cup holder, etc.

The 12-inch rubber track system utilized by Tankchair is an all-weather design which is extremely durable and capable of conquering sand, snow, gravel, rocks and mud. The wide footprint and aggressive tread enables the chair to climb a grade of 10%.

The adjustable height footplate is made of steel and specially treated help the user’s feet maintain their position.

The Corbeau racing seat provides lateral and lumbar support along with a comfortable gel seat cushion. This seat allows for a variety of restraints which may include a single lap belt up to a 5 point harness. The user is also able to recline the seat back 90 degrees for extra comfort. The seat can be upholstered in cloth, suede or leather.

Adjustable arm rests are made from a sturdy combination of aluminum and steel and provide a comfortable cushion for the arm on attached gel pads.

A key feature is the ability to provide a simple, 2-module solution at a competitive price, yet maintaining the ability to address even the most complex Rehab requirements. There are no restrictions on compatibility between Joystick Modules, Power Modules and Intelligent Seating Lighting Modules. In short, modules can be mixed and matched to provide the optimum of performance and cost.  You are only limited by your imagination!

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