We are moving away from the Speedster model and replacing it with the Mongo.  The Mongo comes with smooth tires and basic rims to make the chair look elegant.  Mongo allows customers to be able to go up curbs and bumps so they are less likely to get stuck.

Our product was designed to be a fast, agile and sporty daily driver. The chassis can be powder-coat painted to the customer’s specification. The chair consists of Lithium Ion Polymer batteries that when charged correctly are estimated at a 15 year life span. On a full charge the chair can go approximately 50 miles. 

  • Speedster Measurements – In Inches
  • Speedster Seat Erect 28 1/4“ wide – 43“ long – 49 ½“ high
  • Speedster Seat Reclined 28 1/4“ wide – 61 ½“ long – 37“ high
  • Weight In Pounds – 350
  • electric skateboard
  • Capable of reaching speeds higher than a normal motorized wheelchair



Basic Speedster: Aluminum Frame, High-Performance Motorcycle Tires, Basic Rims, Corbeau Racing Seat That Reclines 90 Degrees, 4 Point Harness, Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries, Charger, PG Drives Joystick Controller, Grab Handle Opposite Controller, Two Gel Arm Rests, and Adjustable Footplate.